Social Media Marketing

Visibility At All Levels

In many ways, the internet is like one big chat room. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube attract millions of hits a day. Mostly, people use these sites to keep up with their friends or to broadcast their doings. But they also use them to shop. They ask for recommendations. They ask for opinions. And they act accordingly.

Research has revealed an amazing truth: while 14% of people trust the ads they see, an overwhelming 76% make their purchasing decisions based on recommendations of friends --- and nowadays, people have hundreds of friends.

Our job, therefore, is help you make use of this very important tool.

What Do We Do?

To start with, we create an effective pro-active strategy for using these sites. We advise you on how to design your marketing to take these social network tools into account. We ask: How can we appeal to those people likely to use those sites? What are their interests and needs and how can we build our appeals to satisfy them?

We do this in several ways. First we discover what’s out there --- what are our tools? This means:

  • Providing blog tracking services.

  • Locating content sharing sites.

  • Discovering effective discussion group resources.

  • Finding event search and promotion sites.

  • Creating and using instant messaging tools.

  • Locating micro-blogging sites.

  • Using podcast directories and other search engines.

Added to this is our becoming familiar with how the many networks operate, who’s using them, and how? We keep our eyes on

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Linkedin

  • MySpace

  • Plaxo

  • Tagged

  • And others as they pop up and make themselves known.

And added to that, we take the time to actually use these sites for you:

  • Creating viral marketing tools.

  • Integrating advertising and promotion of your business on them.

  • Discovering what people who use these sites actually need and want.

  • Taking part where possible in the actual conversations on these sites.

  • Responding to comments that impinge on your reputation, as part of our Reputation Management service.

So we search out the tools,

Learn how they work,

And actively get involved in the actual discussions.

We become your most important internet friend and chat buddy.

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