Local Listing Optimization

Making Your Website Known To People Looking For You

One of the most frequently used resources on the net is Google Maps. People search for locations and directions, as well as information about a particular destination. And you will notice that, when the map comes up, it is often dotted with signal markers which indicate where particular services can be found. And you note that there’s a little box off to the side, where those businesses listed on the markers are more fully described. And when the client clicks on one of those links, up comes a full-page website listing.

We can get these ads working for you. With the right keywords, with the highest rank possible, with the most compelling ad…. your potential client is sure to find his way to your business.

We’ve put a sample to show you what we mean.

What Do We Do?

We become your online, one-stop advertising agency, and do all that a good ad firm can do. Except that we do it on the web, which makes it a more complicated job, requiring the services of a company that understands how to use web technology to get business, exposure and profits. Our experience and our resources make us that company.

  • DESIGNING YOUR LISTING : We optimize your business description to make it accurate, useful, and search-engine friendly.

  • USING KEYWORDS : As always, we make sure the right keywords are there that will attract the search engine.

  • MANAGEMENT : As we do with PPC Management, we will advise and manage your Local Listings, providing you the best service and bringing you the best results.

  • EXPOSURE : We offer our Local Listing Optimization Service for all three of the major search engines out there:

    • Google

What Can You Expect?

Our team of expert professionals and our experience with many clients will bring you results you want:

  • Improved ranking for your business on the local listing.

  • Heavy inflow of traffic to your business.

  • Enhanced access to interested customers who are ready to buy.

We promise you that you’ll be happy with the results. Your internet “phone” will start ringing.

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