Reputation Management

Building And Maintaining Your Best Image

Not only is the internet highly competitive, it is also very public. It is very easy for people to post both favorable and unfavorable comments about the quality of your product or service. While these comments can come from customers, it is also possible for remarks -- especially negative ones -- to come from competitors or others who are out to damage your reputation. Potential customers read posted reviews and make their decisions according to what they read--- and face it: most people believe what they read.

A customer with a grudge … a competitor with a purpose … a client who is unsatisfied –…these are all people who can hurt you.

You work hard to build and keep up a good image because presenting a good image is a very important way to attract new business. And we can help. Think of us as preventive warriors protecting your reputation.

What Do We Do?

A dented reputation is hard to fix. It is always easier, cheaper, and safer to be pro-active and to prevent slurs. Our first priority, therefore, is to plan effective strategies for building a good reputation to begin with.

We do this by building a good website and marketing strategy up front.

  • We highlight your positives.

  • Who your satisfied customers are.

  • The qualifications of your workforce.

  • Your past successes.

  • Your eagerness to please.

  • We supplement the site with carefully selected links, not only to other services and related businesses, but also to blogs, social media sites, and others. Our researchers carefully monitor these sites and choose those that are of the best quality in themselves.

  • We also carefully monitor your image by reviewing your site, seeing what people are saying on other sites, and responding to fix their problems.

  • We also monitor the services and products that your competition provides, to see where we can advise you of changes you can make or ways to respond. This valuable service is just one of the many ways we become your Internet Partner.

However, when someone does put a dent in your reputation, we fix the problem:

  • We work out strategies to help you satisfy the unhappy customer.

  • We respond to remarks on other sites when possible.

  • We make sure when we can that your disgruntled customer reposts his revised opinion on relevant sites.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals are committed to not only making you look good to start with, but that you continue to look good down the line

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