Pay Per Click Management

Maximizing Your Marketing Expenses

When a potential client enters one or more keyword in his browser, looking for a specific service --- like yours --- he is taken to a list of websites that link to those keywords.

What he sees besides the list of websites, is a section of the page devoted to advertisers: firms like yours that pay for the privilege of being in that top category.

There are two things that make this a good move for you:
  • First: your name appears prominently on the page, making you stand out from the others.

  • Second: you only pay for the ad when someone actually clicks on that link.

Thus: pay per click.

What Do We Do?

We make sure your ad is visible. To do that, of course, we use all the Search Engine Optimization tools at our disposal:

  • Generating the right keywords.

  • Writing your ad to make sure the browser connects to those words.

  • Placing and monitoring the ad.

  • Keeping track of how it’s working for you.

To this we add careful monitoring of your competitors’ ads and adjusting your ads as appropriate.

  • We work with the website to ensure you get as high on the list as possible.

  • We bid on your behalf with the website to get you as high on the list as possible.

We’re your online advertising service, with the great exception that you pay as you go.

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