Privacy Policty

Privacy Policty

In technical jargons, the term ‘privacy policy’ is known as a legitimate document that mentions the methods to be followed by the party regarding the collection, management, utilization and revelation of data to the clients. What matter the privacy policy contains is solely dependent on the currently implemented laws and jurisdiction of that place. At Putosys, we sincerely abide by every word of our privacy policy.

The thing that matters more is how judiciously we utilize this particular policy, so that we can swear on to the authenticity and confidentiality of the information collected by our team. Regardless of what information we collect from you or you provide us proactively, it remains highly secured with us. The data gets accessed by our concerned team members through the mode of direct contact or emailing.

With Putosys you can be assured that information provided by you won’t be traded to any other third business party. Only at your own request, our team will get in touch with you in order to intimate you regarding all special and newly arrived products as well as services. If there are any kind of alterations within the privacy policy of the company, that too will be notified to you timely.

How to unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe our services, the process is an easy one. You can simply request for a withdrawal from the ongoing contract by filling up the feedback form or directly mailing the request to us.

The Security Policies

Every precaution is taken up by our company to keep your details and particulars safeguarded. We understand that the information you submit here is confidential and thus, the mode of submission, i.e. via the web portal is cent percent secured in terms of online as well as offline abilities.

Confidential details like the credit or debit card particulars are gathered by reliable dealers such as Google Checkout and CC Avenue to name a few, that have hard core encryption coding embedded in them. You can verify the dealer’s authenticity by looking out for the ‘https’ symbol in the URL of the web site or for a closed lock at the bottom of the web browser, while you are about to carry out some monetary transaction.

The encryption in website is implemented in order to get security for online transmitted datum or data. However, measures for offline security are also readily taken. The details are accessible only when you need to execute any billing or customer service tasks. The individually recognized data such as the passwords get stored in the servers that are password protected and in the computers that have additionally embedded trusted hardware firewall software for protection.

Refund Policy

Putosys has a unique refund policy for all the services offered by it. There are different types of refunds applicable for different services here. If you wish to get any information regarding them kindly refer to the respective refund policies. Putosys does not guarantee any refund due to the cancellation of any service. The company is bound to abide by the points of the agreement signed between the client and itself.

No refund is offered in place of the funds invested over search engines and services delivered before, or the transaction charges or for that matter, the miscellaneous charges, Putosys cannot recover and causes a loss to the company.

Putosys offers all its hosting services to the clients on a monthly basis. Kindly take a note that there are also no refunds given for the set up fees and expenditures, disk fees and bandwidth, IP addresses, extra services, or for any account that has been shut down due to the violation of the company terms and conditions.

Contact us

Putosys can get in touch with you, whenever you want. You just got to fill up an online form with your important details in it like your name, email id, contact number and so on.


Putosys website has links with other portals, and thus we inform beforehand that we are not responsible for the content present therein.

Alterations in the privacy policy

In case there are certain alterations and updates happening within the privacy policy of Putosys, the clients will be duly informed regarding them via our website itself.

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